What is the purpose of the Direct Action Network (DAN)?

The Immediate Action Network or even DAN is an internet platform that permits ordinary folks to get rid of financial and financial power out of harmful political and economic associations, and if necessary, to close down those organisations, through co ordinated economic non-cooperation.

The main purposes of this Direct Action Network are:

  • To deliver that the endusers of corporations every where with a background computer and mobile application such as that delivery of their Collective Contract to some business on Earth.
  • To supply endusers with the tactical advice required to allow them to run effective smart boycotts of some ) corporations which never have recognized the Collective Contract ( and b) the distribution and supply chains of these corporations — to the objective of earning those corporations accept and execute the details of the Collective Contract.
  • To supply endusers with a smartphone and desktop program which shows the harm-rating of almost any item or service they’re just about to get.
  • To supply corporations that may have accepted The Collective Contractwith all the mandatory tactical info to boycott unscrupulous businesses that never have accepted , or come responsible for this, in accord with their duties under Section 9 of this Collective Contract.
  • To deliver something that’ll make it possible for any breaches of this Collective Deal by corporations (or from governmental celebrities in government) to be educated and seen through the duration of the system.
  • To present consumer rights activists with tactical intelligence regarding breaches of this Collective Contract with direct access into this endusers of those corporations as a part of one integrated platform.
  • To deliver a live worldwide map of this inter connections between the economic and political for the functions of education and research.