Organizing Against Corporate Globalization Against the WTO

Pushed by multi national corporations, the USA, the European Union, as well as other developed countries are working to establish a fresh form of”free trade” discussions and expand corporate globalization – further eroding human rights, workers’ rights, and environmental protections, and political – from the attention in company control.

Solidarity activities across the globe will concentrate on September 13 as an International Day of Action Against Corporate Globalization and War.

We turn to people across the United States to combine with this global uprising for justice and peace by coordinating events in your area through the entire week leading upto this WTO Ministerial and around September 13. Fight the WTO and the failed model of corporate globalization, also highlight the connections between militarism and”free trade,” through a vast array of creative methods: teachins, vigils, protests, direct action, street theatre and festivals of immunity and cultural events, meetings with officials, public forums, etc.

All these September activities to violate the WTO will kickoff a effective fall campaign of activity for justice and peace, between major mobilizations for civic rights, contrary to the Free Trade Area of the Americas, also against militarism and job.

The WTO is made and operated for the benefit of multinational corporations at the cost of nearly all of the entire world’s populace and the surroundings. The organization schedule employed by the WTO pits worker against worker and state against nation in a hurry into the floor.

The final time that the WTO met in united states, in late 1999, tens and thousands of people converged on Seattle to introduce the actual agenda behind”freetrade” crushing the atmosphere and eroding basic rights, protections, and services to the great bulk of the whole world’s populace.

Four years following the historical show down at another WTO Ministerial at Seattle, we dwell in a changed as well as more threatening world. Employing the dreadful terrorist attacks from the U.S. of 2001 as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush government is still on a reckless search for empire, blending the world might of america military with the worldwide range of businesses that are enormous. The Bush doctrine of preemptive attack and lasting warfare extends handinhand with a schedule of financial domination throughout”free trade,” andnot coincidentally, pushes the woeful U.S. economical circumstance.