Registration of meetings of Ministers of the World Trade Organization in Seattle

Our intent is to unveil the motion for organizational and social change together with theatre, giant puppets, graffiti art, music and dancing. By November 20-28we joined the abilities of activists and musicians from all states to plan your meeting of the World Trade Organization Ministers at Seattle. A week long collection of workshops, training, media opportunities along with art-making for per week will fulfill Seattle to put up a wakeup event the entire world hasn’t seen.

To use to present decent home, training and food for convergence participants, so we request that you enroll .

Now you can do this in one or 2 manners:

  • Open the Web Site, publish the enrollment form, and then send it

DAC registration

101 Rogers St.

  • Fill out the variant below and ship it right to electronic mail

Convergence Registration

  • Name
  • Speech
  • Telephone
  • City
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  • E Mail

We Are in Need of FOOD

We’ll offer all meals for people attending convergence. We all food has been accumulated through gifts just. If you’re able to contribute some food (eg veggies, fruits, water, etc.) will probably really help. We want cooking utensils, toolsand paint brushes, paint brushes and paints, and tarpaulins, timber, cloths and staples, clothes, etc.. We’ll provide a set of workshops and training. To find overall suggestions for asks, please assess the repair or training center which you enjoy the many curious to wait. (many assignments will be provided Many times a week end )


We ask visitors to cover depending on their capacity to payfor. The sliding scale is 0 $50, and nothing is going to be reversed. Please be aware paying what you’re able to allow the others to engage who can’t pay the entry fee. In the event that you may pay beforehand, please cover per test to Art and Revolution.